Wax Words - Greasy Suite

Bird fly and flutter what is the spirit that set you free

Rapid rolling river you know what you want to be

Love is what you want to be

Love is where you want to be

Love is why you want to be

Wind sing and whisper

Where are the eyes with which you see?

Wild mystic moonlight

What is the thing that starts to be?


So many reasons why I know I’ve got no right to sing the blues

But sometimes I find myself feeling

That I was born to die, bound to lose

And I feel like I’m losing my mind

Not sure what I’m trying to find

And I sit here and I think about the things and the times I left behind


Feeling the pain

Feeling insane

Watching the rain


Once again (and more and more)

We’re searching in some time before

But it turns out that some time is here on the line

And the answers are yours and mine


© 2010 Wax